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Madera y Vida specializes in designing interiors in wood.


Our studio designs your spaces, remodels or equips your new home, kitchens, closets, bathrooms and more.


In Madera y Vida we are specialists in solving your furniture needs with excellent quality and a service that you will enjoy from beginning to end.


Your projects are our reason for being.

Our digital media allows us to assure you a unique experience and excellent service in each project.

Your project is worked by a designer and engineer specialized in wood manufacturing.


We do not wholesale, this way you will have the security that we invest the necessary time in taking care of every detail of your project.


We design your home, we go with you in the process and we advise you while you enjoy the result.



Live this process closely on our YouTube channel

#IslaDeCocina con #PuertasOcultas
Madera y Vida carpintería

#IslaDeCocina con #PuertasOcultas

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